People’s lives are threatened by explosions; the tragic terrorist attacks have forced the governments to consider the importance of dealing with these attacks. With the rising threat of terrorism, protecting critical civil infrastructure such as embassies, governmental buildings, and airports against bomb attacks has become a critical issue. In the current research, reinforced concrete barriers subjected to blast loading are numerically investigated using Applied Element Method “AEM”. The blast loads adopts the ASCE guidance for design of blast-resistant buildings in petrochemical facilities. Fully nonlinear dynamic analysis was considered where the barriers thickness and reinforcement, end connections were parametrically investigated. It was found that the thickness and reinforcement of the barriers affect the barriers’ response, where the most significant parameter was the wall thickness.

Ibrahim, A., Salem, H., and Farahat, A. (2016), “Numerical Investigation of Reinforced Concrete Barriers Subjected to Blast Loading.” Resilient Infrastructure Conference, London.

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