Protect Against Structural Failure Efficient – Nonlinear Dynamic – Performance Based Design

Extreme Loading® for Structures Software (ELS) offers a new advanced level of nonlinear dynamic structural analysis, that allows users efficiently to study structural failure from any number of actual or possible extreme events. Users can easily model all as-built and as-damaged details including complete reinforcement plans, prestressing, retrofitting, damage, corrosion, and material weakening. Complex geometry, connections and reinforcement can be modeled easily without the need for transition elements required by typical FEA tools. Applied loads are virtually unlimited and may be sequenced in a multi-hazard approach with staged loading to simulate repeated or a chain of events, including earthquakes, fire, blast, impact, tsunami, high wind, and progressive collapse.

Protect Against Structural Failure Content

The simulation pictured above is of the demolition design for University Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, imploded by Fábio Bruno Construções (

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