SLAM FX uses ASI’s Extreme Loading® Technology (ELT) to answer many of the challenges faced by Visual Effects Professionals as they strive to create high quality destruction effects for the film and entertainment industries. ELT is based on the Applied Element Method (AEM), which automatically accounts for crack initiation, propagation and separation of elements.  Designed specifically with the artist in mind, SLAM FX allows for seamless workflow with other visual effects industry tools.
SLAM Sims 03

SLAM FX Features


  • Import/Export Support:
    • Autodesk 3D Max
    • Autodesk Maya
  • Stand alone Modeling and Simulation Environment
  • Materials Available:
    • Steel
    • Concrete
    • Aluminum
    • Glass
    • Elastic
    • Custom
  • Destruction Effects Available:
    • Impact
    • Seismic
    • Blast
  • Automatic Contact and Collision Detection
  • Automatic Crack Initiation and Fracture
  • View Results As They Occur
SLAM FX Example 03
SLAM FX Example 02
SLAM FX Example 01



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